Frederico Rato_GLP_02Frederico Rato
Lawyer (Founding Partner)
Private Notary

Areas of Practice
Commercial and Corporate, Energy, Real Estate, Banking and Financial, Intellectual Property, Labour, Games of Fortune and Chance

Professional Background
Lawyer in Macau since 1984
Private Notary since 1991
In-house Legal Advisor at the Macau Electric Company (Companhia de Electricidade de Macau – CEM) between 1984 and 1986
Lawyer in Portugal between 1979 until 1984

Professional Membership
Macau Lawyers Association
Portuguese Bar Association

Other Professional and Institutional Activities
Member of the Macau Registry and Notary Council (Conselho de Registos e Notariado)
Arbitrator of Guangzhou Arbitration Commission
Arbitrator of Zhuhai Court of International Arbitration 
Curator of the Rui Cunha Foundation
Former member of the General Meeting Board and the Statutory Audit Committee of the Macau Lawyers Association and of the Macau Lawyers Superior Council
Former president of the Macau Lawyers Superior Council
Former member of the Consultative Committee for the Macau Commercial Code
Former member of the Judiciary Council of Macau
Former member of the Macau Consultive Council for the Law Reform (Conselho Consultivo da Reforma Jurídica)
Lecturer of Professional Ethics and of Registry and Notary Law at the Macau Lawyers Association and at the Legal and Judicial Training Center of Macau
Co-author of the Macau chapter from the work Global Financial Services Regulators, Oxford University Press, London, 2004-08
Contributor in several legal and non-legal publications, including China Outbound Investiments, International Financial Law Review and International Law Office Newsletters
Course of Arbitrator by the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators
Cross-border Macau Lawyer recongnized by the Justice Department of Guangdong

Academic Background
Law Degree from the University of Lisbon (1974)

Portuguese, English, French and Spanish