Chu Chan In contributed opinion article to Plataforma Media

Our Chu Chan In has contributed an opinion article to Plataforma Media on the new law in Macau aimed at limiting and preventing minors’ access to alcohol.

The “Regime de Prevenção e Controlo do Consumo de Bebidas Alcoólicas por Menores” (Law on the Prevention and Control of Alcohol Consumption by Minors) came into effect in November 2023.

The law prohibits the sale, provision, and consumption of alcoholic beverages in healthcare facilities and places intended for minors. It also bans the sale or provision of alcohol to minors in other public venues and requires the display of notices about the prohibition.

Additionally, the law restricts the online sale of alcohol to minors and prohibits the use of vending machines to sell alcohol, except those with age verification functionality.

The article provides an overview of the key measures in this new legislation to protect minors from alcohol consumption in Macau.

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